Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Goodyear i8000 is a fast and durable immediate drive inflator, which works in the most effective form than any other gear-driven inflator does. The gear-driven inflator models have many movement parts comparing to the quick drive inflators, which can make the models for direct driver with a better option for inflating tires. You can use Goodyear i8000 for several reasons at home for example inflating ATV tires to pump the mattress with air, pumping the bike tires etc. The Goodyear i8000 is a convenient inflator that comes cheaply. It has a beautiful model and an easy-to-store, blue air fuse that is rubber. It is able to inflate P185/R14 from 0 to 28 PSI in less than two minutes. The highest possible pressure it delivers is 150 PSI. This unit has some adaptors that fit several tires and inflatable things. Compared with most small air converters, it can be linked to a 120 V walls connect.
Goodyear i8000 Feature

The maximum amount of tire pressure is 150 PSI, and if you want to inflate a tire or product, you need to plug the cable into a 120-voltage store. Also, it has a six feet cable as well as 18 feet air hose to handle it usefully. The production company stated that it would take only two and half minutes or less to air up a 14 inches tire from 0-28 PSI. When you inflate the tires for 10 minutes, you have to cool-down the inflator for at least ten minutes.

The position of the value is maintained with a screw-on style, and various high flow components, a Presta valve, ball needle and mattress nozzle are involved within the package. Also, you will also find a limited analog pressure gauge, which will mean to notice the air pressure for preventing over or under inflating. It is better that you should check the air pressure with the current air pressure gauge. The accessories to fill inflatable products and rubber drafts have also, which can be a welcome addition. Although the cable could be little bit longer, this should not be a deal breaker.

Compact model suite for small space:

The model has a small design, and it takes in little space on the workbench. According to the reviews from many clients and customers, this unit should have you choose than a 12-volt model, and if you invest some more dollars, then you can purchase a hot cake kind air compressor. This kind of air compressor will be highly useful, but not as like this model of Goodyear i8000. Based on the opinions, you can be sure that it will operate better than a 12v unit will. For a few money more, you can buy a hot cake type air compressor. A hot cake air compressor would be more highly effective, but not nearly as convenient as this unit

Low disturbance level:
The Goodyear i8000 utilizes a ‘Whisper Smooth Technology, ’ and the clients have stated that the disturbance level of this inflator is reasonable. The meter is precise, and the components that you will use to pump up other things and the rubber rafts. However, the cable could have been more time, but this will not prevent the consumer to buy this model.

Best clients Reviews:

This inflator has been recognized by many clients at, and it has obtained radiant reviews as well. Currently, it has a ranking of 3.9 stars out of five stars. However, it has some disadvantages as well, which is similar to other models. Nevertheless, the Goodyear i8000 is recognized by many clients for its amazingefficiency. The Goodyear i8000 has some very opinions that are beneficial for its customers at Like any other item, it is not an exception to this rule to some faults. However, for the most part, the opinions from clients for the inflator have been amazing.

Some of the evaluators have revealed that it is not surprisingly fast according to their expectations. However, many believe the fact that this little pump pumps as promoted. It pumps well on small automobile tires. With this unit, bicycle tires can be pumped up within few seconds. It is not designed for large comprehensive use, however. You should not use it to air up beast automobile tires.

Some main features:

  • 24 feet of cable and air hose included

  • contains connects to expands nearly anything

  • The powerful, immediate drive motor is virtually vibrations 100 % free and sound is includible quite

  • Inflates P185/R14 from 0 – 28PSI in about 2 1/2 minutes

  • Includes inflation adaptors for all sporting equipment and rafts; connects to any standard 120-voltage wall plug for provide the power

  • The maximum tire pressure is 150 PSI

The pros and cons

It seems that there are many more pros than cons for the Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Immediate Drive Tire Inflator. We have covered the advantages so let us have a look at problems. It is a little slowly once you get after 30-psi range. It continues to inflate your tire, just a little more slowly than you may like.

The second issue we have seen with this inflator seems to be more of a question of rather than a real issue. There is much conversation on weblogs and even on Amazon.Com about the screw on the valve. Some individuals talk about it, and most people do not like it at all. Most of us are used to a secure on kind of plug. The i8000 has a screw on the valve. This may be nothing more than breaking hair, but some individuals were insistent about seeking the kind of plug that they were acquainted with so you should know this before you buy.


Finally, most of the clients are satisfied by the efficiency of this 12-voltage inflator. Therefore, you will need no more to hurry to the gas channels to fill up the tires because of the Goodyear i8000 in addition to you. Overall, greater part of clients is pleased with the efficiency of the 120V wheel inflator. If you are exhausted of having to drive around looking for a gas place air pump, then the Bon-Aire i8000 is worth taking into consideration.

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