Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter with Compressor Review

Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter with Compressor Review

Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter with Compressor Review

Being trapped on the curbside with a discharged battery power is definitely one of the most annoying situations. The reasons could be many for a discharged battery power, but they always lead to a single annoying event, being trapped. So how does one reverse this situation? The best way is to invest in a high quality jump starter and nowhere else to look when you have Stanley’s jump starters. These jump starters come built with converters, USB slots, LED urgent lighting and many more features.

The Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter with compressor is top seller on Amazon. It is a lightweight and portable jump starter that does the job for most automobile, little vehicles, motorbike, tractor, boats or RV. It is extremely convenient as well as easy to bring with you wherever you go. Therefore, if you are traveling to see your family with a car with battery power and starting issues, then you should definitely consider this.

A cool added feature of Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter is the alert that will sound if you placed the clamps wrongly. The unit also comes with a 120-PSI air compressor. That should come useful, too, for urgent situations on the way. This unit comes with charging for plugs–both for USB and for DC. If you experience an urgent at evening, it also comes with a high-powered LED light, which you can move for 270 levels.

What get people to get Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter and the reality that it delivers before you know it? It is easy to store in the car or in the spare room and it is developed in such a way that anyone can quickly use it when required.

Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter with compressor has the capacity of providing 1000 maximum amps and 500 amps immediate starting power, which makes it prepared to begin those with disability automobile when required. Moreover, just if the heavy-duty metal clams are changed, the unit has a reverse polarity alert that was made for safety utilization. Therefore, regardless of the type of your car, you can be sure that, when it is required, this revolutionary unit will provide right amount of power to your car’s battery power so that it can operate again.

That is not all about this unit. Stanley J5C09 1000 has also a built-in 120 PSI air compressor that is perfect just in case you need to fill up air in the tires and there is no service place around or other features where you would normally do this.

The handle of Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter is made of top-mounted rubberized so that it can be quickly carried when required. In addition, thought with regard to utilization is the extremely effective LED light with which the unit is created with that has the ability to move 270 levels.

Charging Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter with compressor is not hard. It just needs to be connected in and the power/charge signal will inform you when battery power the unit has been fully billed and prepared to be used. In addition, thanks to the sensible and visible reverse polarity alert, you can be sure that you will use the top quality clams and the #6 AWG wires securely and quickly.


The unit is not just a regular jump starter. It is a multiple utility unit with a number of functions. Along with its superior jump-starting features; which can boost any automobile, no matter how seriously battery power is discharged, but is also an air compressor, which makes it easier to handle urgent situations. The 120-PSI air compressor can pump up any inflatable unit or even flat tire in few seconds. The USB charging for connect allows charging for of other devices possible, which makes it a truly multiple efficient unit. The visible alert and sound stops the battery power from any probable damage from the reverse polarity. So, the clamps need to be connected and if connected poorly, the alert will sound notifying you of the mistake. With power to boost a car, motorbike, truck, vessel and tractor, Stanley J5C09 is an ideal partner for daily use and curbside urgent situations.

Some main features:

500 amps immediate starting and 1000 maximum amps

The J5C09 is a potential lifesaver, especially when you running late and the vehicles battery power is rock deceased battery power. It comes with plenty of starting power.

Built in LED Light

The unit comes with a little light that quickly rotates to glow light on whatever you need.

Built-in 120-PSI air compressor

It is great unit to have an air compressor to inflate the automobile and bike tires, although, it is not a top quality air compressor.

It has USB and DC charging for plugs

You can use this for both urgent lighting by connecting in a appropriate 12V light or power for a radio, television or fan.


  • Easy to use
  • Included a USB port
  • Powerful
  • Portable
  • Attached LED light for use at night
  • Clear and understandable cost meter
  • 7. It contains a cigarette lighter outlet for both slow trickle charging or powering gadgets for your car’s battery.

The Cons

Some users do not as the reality the unit is not offered charging for cable, you will have to use an extension cable to renew it.


Overall, the Stanley J5C09 1000 Maximum Amp Jump Starter with compressor is worth investing your money in if you need an extremely effective jump starter to boost your automobile and also if you experience the air from your vehicle’s tires. I prefer to have a top rated air compressor at home and carry a battery jump starter with me. I have been fortunate not to need an air compressor on the way while I have utilized the jump starter several times. That said, a convenient air compressor could come in useful, even around the garage area.

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