VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor review

VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor review

VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor review
If you are looking for a review of a
VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor that will help you and give, you a lot more than you ask for at an affordable rate this is it. I will tell you all the information you need to be educated about your decision to get a portable air compressor that will suit every single one of your needs.

When you get a car, if you are a responsible human being, you start worrying about all the things that could go wrong with your car experience. You might start wondering about how an engine works or maybe learn to fix some mishaps, you do some research about the manufacturer and read reviews online about how the car has been working for previous users after you even made a throughout research to get that specific car with its ups and downs but above all you buy the equipment you need and try to make sure that equipment is top notch, the best quality gear you can gather. The truth is sometimes your pocket will not let you do what your mind tells you to, and you collect the tools your budget is capable of. Now I can say there is a way to make your mind and pocket reconcile, at least as far as air compressors go. Now I say you do not have to worry about having quality equipment at the reach of your fingers and your budget.

It is necessary to talk about the VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor when talking about the equipment in this range. For such an accessible price you get a lot of feature such as:

  1. It is portable; it works with 12 volts. You can use it in the middle of the road with just your engine running, no electricity needed. It could save you tons of mishaps that could happen when finding a power source. With that, portability comes size. It is the right size so that it will fit in the trunk of your car or a small space in your home.

  2. The Viair 85P works with a built-in LED work light for a better sight of what you’re doing.

  3. It is capable of inflating up to 31-inch tires; just plug it into your cigarette lighter power port as it holds a maximum of 14.5 amperes. Most vehicles will find their air compressor solution with this model. Just connect the screw-on tire chuck to one of the tire’s valves before even turning the compressor on.

  4. It has a monitor that displays tire pressure on the incorporated gauge at the top of the unit, helpful for all your tire needs. Every particular case of the tire the compressor can help fill is monitored by this feature.

  5. The power cord attached to the cigarette lighter power port is 10 feet long, which will help vehicle need ever and every tire filled. It works to the maximum working pressure of 60 PSI which makes it a suitable ideal for most of the automotive fleet out there.

  6. For more technical performance specifications: Tire Fill rate: 0-30 PSI (195/70R14) – 2 minutes, 0 seconds, Tire Fill rate: 0-30 PSI (19570R14) – 1 minute, 0 seconds, Tire Fill rate: 0-30 PSI (225/60R18) – 2 minutes, 50 seconds, Tire Fill rate: 0-30 PSI (225/60R18) – 1 minute, 30 seconds, Tire Fill rate: 0-30 PSI (31 x 10.5 inch) – 4 minutes, 30 seconds, Tire Fill rate: 0-30 PSI (31 x 10.5 inch) – 2 minutes, 15 seconds. This numbers you will need for your specific tire needs in case you decide to purchase this air compressor.

If you are considering this product does solve your air compressor needs, you will need to gather some pros and cons to going through with this product and purchase it without not really know what you are getting


  • It is fully portable. Its auxiliary power outlet fits into the cigarette lighter power socket, so it is completely powered by portable source of energy

  • Any car that is driven with tires with a maximum size of 31 inches can use the VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor. Any model by any manufacturer is right for this air compressor.

  • It holds a maximum of 14.5 amperes which is the number of amperes all regular car batteries can offer.

  • You can monitor tire pressure with the monitor device

  • The cable cord holds 60 PSI of working pressure

  • It is small, fits anywhere

  • The air cord measures 3 feet so it could help the extension of the air compression.

  • It’s made of metal, not plastic. Helps with the durability.

  • Has a Full Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • It is not compatible with 100% of the existing automotive fleet. Most cars have the same cigarette light power socket, but not all of them do

  • It’s only portable which means it doesn’t have a power outlet that fits into a regular non-portable power source.

  • It doesn’t work with tires bigger than 31 inches.

  • The power cord might not be long enough car models so that it would need a power extension purchased separately.

  • The car engine should be on when used; it does not work with a turned off the engine.

The VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor
does bring a solution into your life after years of trying to find a good quality portable compressor that will not break your budget. For less than 50$ you get a compressor that is not built with cheap materials instead it is built out of the highest quality materials the manufacturers could gather for a mini-portable air compressor. Even out of cars, this compressor can find life on its own just by being portable. The valve fits into any socket that would take it. Its LED light is a big help during nighttime uses, and its pressure monitor is, although a little bit imprecise according to users, it can be helpful so you can protect your tires. Overall, this air compressor is a good investment; it allows you to not spend time and money any further at inconvenient times, a total pocket savior.

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